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Laura L. Smith


As an exceptionally talented designer with the ability to create compelling design solutions across various media platforms to meet customer brand objectives and consumer engagement.

Experience in Producing the Following:


•Brand Marketing



•Business Cards

•Email Blasts

•Facebook pages




•Magazine Ads

•Photo Retouching/Manipulation

•T-Shirt design

• Creating/Updating Wix Pages

As a skilled photographer, I am also in pursuit of capturing the very essence of the venture. It is imperative that I am to one day become internationally known; grasping the hearts of many with my ambition and creative spark. I am always learning, growing an expanding.

Photography Skills:







•Urban Scenery



I have comprehensive knowledge of Adobe Bridge, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop, Coral Draw, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, and Microsoft Word. 


Landscape On The Edge                        
Venue Name, City  

MARCH 7 - SEPTEMBER 10 - 2023

Weather Capturing                         
Venue Name, City  

APRIL 16 - NOVEMBER 8 - 2023

Venue Name, City  

JULY 17 - OCTOBER 1 - 2023

The Landscape                       
Venue Name, City  

MAY 28 - NOVEMBER 26 - 2023


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ADD CITY - 2023

Add Award Name 

ADD CITY - 2023

Add Award Name 

ADD CITY - 2023

Add Award Name 

ADD CITY - 2023

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